Milestones (MS) are defined by the various tasks of the project and are useful to document the progress in assessing these tasks. The 12 milestones listed in the following define the relevant tasks in achieving the aims of the Havel project:

MS1:    Definition of guidelines and development goals

MS2:    Definition of management options

MS3:    Parametrization of management options

MS4:    Modell adaptation

MS5:    Modelling of the actual state

MS6:    Modelling of scenarios

MS7:    Valuation of scenario results

MS8:    Valuation of management options

MS9:    Derivation of management measures

MS10:  Layout of final report

MS11:  Conference

MS12:  Consulting stakeholders and public


Time table of the Havel project including milestones (MS) and participating sub-projects (SP)

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