Study Regions


Intermediate Scale
Focus Scale

The study is performed at different spatial scales, covering the total Havel basin, meso-scale sub-basins and focus regions. By this, investigations are possible in areas with high information density, good model validation and a high potential for regionalization measures. The methods and results obtained at the smallest and the intermediate scale will be transferred to the whole Havel basin (upscaling), which according to § 11 of the European Water Framework Directive represents the appropriate scale for the development of a management program.

The areal disaggregation of the study regions fits the natural conditions of the basin and representative areas of conflicting use.


At the intermediate scale the river basins of the Rhin, Nuthe and the lower Havel are studied.


At the scale of focus regions 5 sub-basins are studied in more detail. All of them are typical representatives of the total Havel basin, but they differ considerably in their natural characteristics and the possible management options.

The following schemes give an overview of all study regions.

The Havel river basin and the sub-basins Rhin, Nuthe and Lower Havel (intermediate scale) and Döllnitz, Small Rhin, Upper Nuthe, Hammerfließ and Gülper Havel (focus regions). The right hand side provides an overview on the Upper and Lower Havel and the Spree basin.

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