Sub-Project 10



Multicriteria Analysis of Alternative Management Strategies

V. Wenzel, PIK Potsdam

The aim of this sub-project is the derivation of policy-relevant results and statements based on a clear and productive conceptualization of the results of a comprehensive systems analysis with respect to the Havel region as a whole and, in more detail, also to three contained sub-regions (focus areas). The categories and concepts developed and applied for the realization of this task allow:


to identify the most relevant water household and quality problems and conflicts concerning the investigated spatial objects


to design different management strategies towards dynamic problem and conflict solutions


to develop recognized integrated evaluation criteria based on the anticipated impacts of  the supposed managment strategies.

These conceptions are the necessary prerequisites for a systematic comparison of the given alternative strategies using Multicriteria Analysis (MCA) and Equity Analysis as they are provided by the software tool NAIADE (developed and licensed for application by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission JRC EC in Ispra / Italy).  

The outcome of this MCA-supported comparison is a complete ranking of the alternatives with respect to their suitability for solving the originally stated problems. An iterative application of Equity Analysis may serve as a guidance to appropriate compromises between affected antagonistic interest groups or their stakeholders. 

Therewith, those results are important contributions to the decision support system (DSS), which will be constructed in sub-project 8. Vice versa, the results of sub-projects 2, 9 and 11 are necessary inputs for the performance of the above-mentioned topics.  

The remaining sub-projects deliver the results of model-supported impact analyses in form of state variables and indicators, which serve for the derivation of appropriate valuation criteria.

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